Who Are You?

Who Are You?

Tell me about yourself
What do you ach for
Do you dare to dream
What is your hearts longing

Would you risk being a fool for love
Your dreams
An adventure in being alive
To touch the center of your sorrow

Have you been opened up by life’s betrayals
Or have you become shriveled
Closed to from fear of further pain
Can you sit with pain, mine or your own

If we dance, will it be with wildness
Letting ecstasy fill you to your soul
Without cautioning us to be careful, realistic
Remembering we as humans have limitations

Is your story true or false to me it doesn’t matter
Will you betray another to be true to yourself
Can you bear the accusation of betrayal
Would you betray your own soul

Can you be faithful and trustworthy
Can you see beauty even on a stormy day
What do you believe is the source of life
What are your spiritual beliefs

If you experience failure can you live with it
Yours, but mine also
Could you stand on the edge of a cliff
Screaming out to the world what you feel in that moment

After a night of grief, despair, weary, bruised to your soul
Will you rise up out of bed
To take care of the needs of others
Will you stand with me in the center of HELL and not shrink back

When all else is gone
What sustains you within
Can you be alone with you
Do you truly like your own company in empty moments
These questions answered will tell me all I need
To decide if
Our worlds will blend

© 2009 CreativeVibes


Sensitive Olfactory

I must confess I love the wonderful manly scent of you
No strong odors of perfumed soap for you will do
Just good old Ivory soap upon your skin is all you trust
Until, I introduced you to just a touch of musk

I love to smell the essence of you left within the sheets
To wear your shirt soaked in your aroma so exotically sweet
My olfactory nerves are over sensitive to every fragrance of you it’s true
I must confess
I’m totally obsessed
With the very manly scent
that is uniquely

© 2009 CreativeVibes