Broken Pearls

Time passed by
Were you walking with me?
Talking to me?
Left over’s of yesterdays gone
Stored memories put away
Closed curtains steal the moonlights shine
I masquerading in leather, lace and Pearls
Became something I thought you wanted
Though it was just your disguise
In broken promises
Static phone calls
Please I tell my audienceLearn my lesson well
I say,It’s not us really…
It’s their game
Superman’s cape
I sat on his lap
Love is blind after all
I always knew it was my biggest mistake….
So I lay here now in dead silence
Ripping pearls
Ripping lace
It was never me anyway….
I was not leather
Or number one in your book
I walk away
At the tears I spent on so many pages
Healing in what?
Your letters caused a blaze
Made for good fire wood
Yesterday begins to smolder
Oh Dear….
Maybe it was just the pearls after all…..

© 2008 Alexandra Carpenter

1 comment:

  1. Time, being the thing most precious to us, is always the thing that we lament losing first and loudest. We would gladly give up most anything else in favor of not losing any time.