When You Capture Me

Romantically think pleasure
Take your time
Start with my mind
fulfill my whspered wishes
Cover me with soft sensual kisses
show me there is no place off limit
Make love to me slowly, don’t rush
Lover take your time

Passionately and sincerely
Let my sweetness
become your weakness
Use your lips and tongue include my ears
Listen to the sweet sounds of my moans
see what you hear
with all your senses

Sensually and honestly say what you mean
and mean what you say
Don’t just tell me you love me
show me you love me
Let all my fantasies that dance in my head
become our reality
Kiss me and lick me all over
until you find all my secret places
Sex me until I scream
with uncontrolled passion

Lovingly and completely
Let my sexual wishes become
your loving commands
Love me with all you have

Making love is a gift
A gift I will give you in return
each and every time
If and when I'm yours
you're mine

© 2008 Alexandra Carpenter

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  1. Wow. Had to wait a minute for my monitor to clear. Wonderfully done.